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paramoursmaison's Journal

Paramours' Maison
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What is a Paramours' Maison and so who is a Madame?

A Maison is a private place, where everyone has fun (free interpretation of this term...) with her favorite hot men. By the way, it's important to underline that a maison is not a stickers album, you have to pick your paramours with care, so it isn't a place for momentary crushes, who after a few days/weeks/months will come to an end. Think your choices through!
Therefore, a Madame is the one who owns a Maison, and you'll see that, after all, isn't something banal.

But, in substance, what have you got to do and, ABOVE ALL, why?

What you've got to do is explained step by step in the next point.
Briefly, you need to choose a certain number of paramours, make some small graphic works about them, write a description as silly as possible and join this small sect.

How to build one's Maison(rules & instruction)

1. Choose one's paramours: pick at most 10 ones. Regarding actors, it's possible (and, rather, it's advised) to choose them in relation to one of their characters or films. It's absolutely allowed to a paramour to be shared between more than one lover. (we aren't jealous, you know!)
1.2 It's possible to change one's paramours. If your passion for one of them fade away or you suddenly and irreparably fall in love with someone else, you can “bench” one of your current paramours and substitute him/her with another one. (of course, you'll need to make a new graphic work and write a new description.)

2. Make a graphic work for each paramour, so that the overview of the harem will be more clear.

3. Write descriptions/characterizations for each paramour, they need to be as funny and ridiculous as possible!

4. Do not abuse your paramours for any reason, do not overuse or torture them. They are made of flesh and blood, after all, and they need attention, affection and love.

5. Have a lot of fun!